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The Alpini’s hat in Marengo

The Auditorium Marengo hosted the presentation of the book “On the hat we wear” by Gian Luigi Ceva on April 23.

A “failed” accountant, torn away from his classical studies, perhaps more relevant to his being. According the audience opinion, his writing style is << unmistakable, immersive, and attractive >>.

We are talking about Maurizio Sciaudone, the provincial councilor and “landlord”, who breaks the ice with a parallelism between the two hats which symbolize the place: the one of the Alpine troops – great pride of the author – and Napoleon’s hat.
“The Alpine troops remain close to us every time and they do so with such a moral value”.

G. Ceva, the author, certainly had not a “quiet” draft! First, the Vajont tragedy, and then the 1963 bomb attack he wrote about in his book, marked his life path.

The choir colleagues from the Val Tanaro Alpine troop brilliantly combined words and music in songs that are always dear to us and of great emotional impact, promptly recorded in the voice of councilor Cherima Fteita who thanked them for the solidarity gestures they always know how to make.

For the ones interested in engaging in this reading we suggest Amazon, in paper and in E-book versions.