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Milan-Sanremo at the Tower of Teodolinda

Milan-Sanremo race for vintage cars and wealthy drivers can boast the exclusive title of the oldest race in Italy; its first edition was held in April 1906 thanks to the intuition of a group of pioneering “gentlemen drivers”.
They wanted to give the opportunity to the first enthusiasts to try their hand at what could then be called a bold walk through roads and dirt roads towards the sea of the Marinchi, the Ligurians of the Mediterranean Riviera beyond the high Monferrato and the Apennines. After the successes of past editions, there was the XIII Historical Reenactment of the Milan-Sanremo Cup that had its pit-stop right in Marengo under the Tower of Teodolinda, on 1 April.
Club Ruggine stopped and registered the runners on the luxurious cars that match the panorama of the great classic races thanks to the confirmation of its presence within the Italian Grand Events Championship organized by ACI Sport.