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The oddness of real history versus the virtual.


The astonishment created by the soldiers dressed in their French uniforms, straddling two centuries, with bayonets set on the barrels of their rifles and the proud march of conquest for the freedom enjoyed today in Marengo is extraordinary. The hospitality to the reenactors of the 111th Regiment d’Infanterie de ligne of Turin and Genoa gathered for their assembly and to the 51st demi-brigade (DM) of Savona, involved for an exercise and a programme of the 27th Military Division, was arranged by the 59th DM, the Union of Journalists and Communicators of Europe (Ujce) and the Provincial Councillor Maurizio Sciaudone delegate to the Marengo Pole. The final meal was then enjoyed at the club adjacent to Napoleon’s headquarters set up in Torregarofoli from 13 to 14 June 1800 at the time of the Battle of Marengo.
” Reviving history – stated the cultural manager Efrem Bovo – is important to re-educate people to live reality. The surprise experienced in front of the uniqueness of the battle and the pain of war educates the eye to concreteness and everyday life. Our self-examination comes from our relationship with reality. Living history eliminates superficiality in order to exalt experience”.
Han Byung Chul, a German philosopher of Korean origin, said that we no longer have the earth and the sky but Google Earth and the Cloud,” added Bovo, “marking the task of the reenactors: women and men with the DNA of victory to oppose any overpowering technocratic rulers or dictators.