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The Italian Republic, 220 years of history from Napoleon to today.

Sergio Mattarella was elected President of the Italian Republic by the Parliament gathered at the seventeenth-century Montecitorio Palace in Rome in the joint and single session provided for by Article 83 of the Constitution in force since 1948 of our parliamentary republic. On 26 January 1802, the Cisalpine Council meeting at the Lyon Committees promulgated the Constitutional Charter of the Italian Republic, a Jacobin state defined by the presidentialism that existed from 1802 to 1805, and awarded the presidency to the First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte. The sharp analogy between history and current events also flows to the patriotic symbols. Today’s Italian presidential banner evokes the banner of the Italian Republic (1802-1805): the blue border alludes to the Italian armed forces (Aeronautica Militare, Arma Dei Carabinieri, Esercito Italiano, Marina Militare) commanded by the President.