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Trust between the institutions and the spokesperson from Paolo Ercole to the present day.

A prize for the spokesman, the trusted role of the institutional authority: the project was announced by the director Efrem Bovo (Ujce – Union of Journalists and Communicators of Europe) to the speakers and the audience gathered in the town hall of Felizzano. The award will be dedicated to the memory of Paolo Ercole, Mayor of Felizzano from 1875 to 1882, Member of Parliament of the Kingdom of Italy and the representative of Agostino Depretis, the President of the Council of Ministers of eight executives formed from 1876 to 1877. “Ercole’s support,” says Luca Cerri (inset), mayor since 2019, “was decisive in allocating funds in favour of Felizzano for major projects: from the bridge over the Tanaro river (1886) to connect the Upper and Lower Monferrato, to the laying of cobblestones and granite flagstones on the main road, from the school building to the kindergarten”. “Today the role of spokesperson,” adds Efrem Bovo, “has two examples and different interpretations that can be summarised by the writer Giovanni Grasso, director of the press office at the Presidency of the Italian Republic since 2015, and Rocco Casalino, Giuseppe Conte’s spokesperson at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The initiative, supported by the group Journalists Press Offices (Gus), exhibited in the presence of the new provincial councillor Maurizio Sciaudone, reconfirmed at the recent elections, will continue in the coming weeks at the working table coordinated by Councillor Vincenzo De Palma (Municipality of Felizzano).