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The unique reenactment of the battle will be performed in Marengo.

The Battle of Marengo (14 June 1800) is the highlight reenacted by the first modern historical commemoration: this pearl of living history, staged on Sunday 5 May 1805 on the green plain of Fraschéta, will be reproduced in the unedited version designed for the 220th anniversary. The announcement about the event that was deferred until 2025 was made by Sergeant Lorenzo Bernini at the meeting held at Villa Delavo to evoke the coronation of Napoleon, Emperor of the French (2 December 1804). The event, which was successful despite the pandemic and recent snow, was enhanced by the sutlers preceded by forty soldiers belonging to the following groups: 111th Line Infantry Regiment, k.k. jaeger 1 Wien (Austrians), Montichiari ( Bersaglieri), 59th Demi-Brigade.

The appeal of these celebrations of legendary pages of history,” says Efrem Bovo (director of the Union of Journalists and Communicators of Europe), ” has the potential to push the Marengo project onto the cultural agenda and raise Alessandria to the peak of being the Napoleonic capital of Italy. The ritual of the decorum conferred on the statue of Napoleon First Consul, on the soldiers who fell at Marengo together with General Louis Desaix (since 14 June 2002, the plaque placed at the Vigna Santa by the 59th Demi-Brigade defines the precise site of the death of the architect of victory) preceded the grieving remembrance addressed to the deceased reenactors.