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Marengo, the theatre of new logistics

It might be an overland combining Carcare and Predosa, thus giving two motorway exits to a piece of asphalt quickly connecting the southern Piedmont to Savona and decongesting the traffic of Genoa. For these reasons, there were so many influential personalities present at the Auditorium Marengo, in the Province of Alessandria, this past november 22, to support the idea that it must become a real project. “Stop talking nonsense and organizing conferences” said the Mayor Scajola on the subject of SLALA’s commendable initiative, but after three events regarding “Passaggio a Nord Ovest” we need executive projects. The emboidened alexandrines Baldi (President of the Province) and Cuttica (Mayor of the city) play a central role on reasoning about the logistics, that emerges from the maps since the Napoleonic times or even before, as stated Maurizio Sciaudone, Provincial Councillor.
This initiative has been greatly appreciated from various points of view: cultural tourist according to Fteita Cherima (Municipality of Alessandria), international traffics according to Gabusi (Piedmont Assessor), export on motorways of the sea for land products according to Protopapa (Councillor for Agriculture in Piedmont).
A dream still alive in the mind of SLALA creator (today headed by the Lawyer Cesare Rossini – in the picture above), Fabrizio Palenzona, to design not only the transit of goods, but futuristic transports for people. “But I’m just content and I applaud for this initiative”, calm and thoughtful Palenzona who continues to delight and to positive influence the vast area of Marengo, retroportuale of Genoa, that saw the participation of the Mayor Marco Bucci and Toti, President of the Liguria Region, as well as of Savona, present together with the Senator Paolo Ripamonti.