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Universities World. A mission from Marengo to Galileo.

With the growing increase of telematic universities, Marengo continues its educational mission thanks to an agreement signed on October 6, 2021, in order to create what is defined as a connecting bridge between Marengo Alta Formazione together with the Union of Journalists and Communicators of Europe, and the Galileo Galilei International University Consortium.

Marengo, which is already a partner for the online university courses offered by the Mercatorum University and the Pegaso Telematic University with its related programs, has subsequently expanded and aims to further enhance its university training proposal by actively collaborating with the Galileo Consortium to promote those humanistic, management and legal faculties that are in line with the mission of the previously mentioned Union of Journalists and Communicators of Europe.

Within this educational environment, the offer of the Department of European Studies “Jean Monnet” of Lugano in collaboration with the partner Universities of Bosnia and Herzegovina is prominent. Therefore, this project will contribute to design joint educational offers, such as First and Second Level University Masters and courses related to international multimedia journalism. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to invest in the human capital of education, in order to promote new and shared strategic projects. Intending to stay in line with the future of training, it is necessary to keep pace with changes in society, to create new and evolving specializations.

The current and, above all, future scenario challenges us to reflect on the future of training and the competencies of human capital. On the one hand, the Covid-19 emergency has confronted us with many challenges of an economic-social nature but, on the other hand, it has acted as a real accelerator of a renewal process. This can be seen as a “trigger” of a process aimed at change, conforming the educational system towards a media future that makes us all interconnected.