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From the battleground to the green of peace of the eco-sustainability of golf courses

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The Monferrin wine-producing Caves de Munfrà dresses its bottles of Barbera d’Asti in memory of 200 years of Napoleon, denominating the high-quality wine “Nabuliò” as the nickname by which the emperor was called by his family.
The Monferrin winery is showcasing the product at the Golf Club of Salice Terme on Saturday the 11th as prize at the end of the day with the single 9-hole Stableford Hcp race formula 3 categories with duration 1 lap.
In addition to being set in the countryside and in the peace of the eco-sustainability of golf courses, the historical memory of the nearby commune Godiasco also resurfaces starting from the Middle Ages when Frederick Barbarossa in 1164 empowered Monte Alfeo to the Marquises Malaspina and with it its castle until Napoleon’s annexation with France.
Since the ancient times there were sports like golf where a club and ball were provided, then down the centuries the game spread more and more especially in the area of Scotland and then throughout Europe. However, the birth of professional golf, as we mean it today, coincides with 1821, the common date of the sport, with the birth of Old Tom Morris, one of the best players, and the bicentenary of Napoleon’s death. Often underestimated and accompanied by false clichés, golf is actually a sport for everyone that allows you to be outdoors and admire breath-taking landscapes, not to mention the numerous psycho-physical benefits: it develops concentration, coordination skills and equilibrium; all according to a moderate but continuous muscular effort. Moreover, it has an additional educational value in comparison to other sports, as stated by Anna Roscio, head of the Azzurri National Women’s Team of the Italian Golf Federation: “golf is played, for the most part, without the supervision of a referee. In practicing it, we rely on the individual integrity and honesty, showing respect for other players and following the rules. All players should behave in a disciplined manner, always showing courtesy and sportiness, no matter how competitive one may be. This is the ‘Spirit of the game’ of golf “.