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Road to Taranto: talking about future in Marengo

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From the 21st to the 24th October 2021 in Taranto, chosen as a symbol of the social and environmental crises caused by Ilva, the 49th Social Week of the Christian Workers Movement will take place with the main theme “The Planet We Hope For. Environment, work and future. #Everythingisconnected,”. This topic stems from Pope Francis’ encyclicals, in particular, “Laudato Sii” and what the emergence of the pandemic has made known to all: environment, economy and society everything is connected.
The union of these aspects culminates, in practice, in the realization of an integral ecology. While waiting for the event in the Apulian city, in Marengo on October the 4th, 2021 we prepare by discussing the future; in fact, the auditorium reopens its doors for the occasion, following renovations, for a talk organised by the Union of European Journalists and Communicators (UJCE) for the Christian Workers Movement, in which Efrem Bovo will mediate the debate and exchange thoughts on the themes of the Social Week with local institutions and business representatives from the Alessandria area, taking into account the relationship between the environment, work and society, evaluating improvements and turning points for the future.
Bovo states in this regard: “We want to have a constructive dialogue with local, national and European institutions in order to take decisive steps together. All the more so because the European Green Deal programme and as part of the Next Generation EU plan, Europe has made choices that go precisely in the direction of sustainability, with the aim of reducing net carbon emissions to zero by 2050 and reducing social inequalities. The level of concrete proposals for the lifestyle of people and communities, for business and the economy and for politics and administration – at local, national, European and global levels – remains fundamental. “