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From Paris to Marengo: Jawad Salmane visiting the Museum and dialogue for the development of the italian entrepreneurship

“He’s not bigger than me, is longer” – Jawad Salmane reports Napoleon’s words telling an anecdote concerning the french emperor: he was in his office with his soldiers and he needed a book positionated at the top of the shelf; being of short stature and therefore without getting to the top, he asks a very tall soldier to pass him the book. Napoleon, conscious of being small, jokes about his stature underlining how the soldier is not bigger than him, but simply longer.

Referring to Napoleon, Jawad told us about having had the chance to meet an american jew, son of the first rabbin of New York and one of the biggest donors of the Louvre Museum and a Napoleon’s collector.

The entrepreneur of Moroccan origin, visited Marengo last Thursday, on August 26, accompanied by Angelo Favino, to enlarge his interest in Napoleon as well as his link with Marengo large area, rich in entrepreneurship, that can be perceived even for extraeuropean development areas.