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“Steli di Pace” in Marengo

Daniele Barale and Patrizia Foresto awarded with the prize “Steli di Pace”, come to the third edition. The competition, conceived by the Union of European Journalists and Communicators (Ujce) and the GUS (Journalists press office) of Piedmont, aims to promote who, through the press or other forms of communication, conveys a message of peace.

The event was held in Marengo, on July 15 to celebrate an important date for peace in Europe between the church and state in France with the “Concordat of 1801 between Pope Pius VII and Napoleon Bonaparte” presented by Claudio Canepa.

The award ceremony was accompanied by harp’s music played by Camillo Vespoli, professor of Music School, very well known in town for his intense concert activity in Italy and abroad.

Then followed the presentation of the book in memory of Ermanno Eandi, and in the pictures an unpublished comic drawing that is reminiscent of a David painting which represents the corsican condottiero on his horse Marengo.