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A commemorative ring for the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s death

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The ring, inspired by monumental decorations of the napoleonic mausoleum, on which the artist has nestled a commemorative effigy, tells a story of passions. That of the goldsmith who made it, Giuseppe Donato, the story of a boy who dreamed of learning an art able to make his heart beat who, perseveringly, bowed over his jeweller’s desk, he has continued to follow his love for this art, the craft of dreams, producing works based on tales of battles and labours. Today “Spartan ring” is a world-famous name, and every goldsmith’s creation is the witness of a fighter who never gave up before difficulties but he has always found the strength to stand again.

He also expresses the passion for reenactors’ history who have come together in Marengo on May 5th for the Longwood’s rooms, on June 12 and 13 for the “Petite Bataille” and on june 26 and 27 for the first working sessions of the European School of Napoleonic Reenactors (SERN).

And precisely for the conclusion of the day, the Provincial Councillor Maurizio Sciaudone, donating the artist Donato’s ring, wished to underline Efrem Bovo’s commitment and dedication to Marengo, declaring: “This is a social effigy for a parfticular year where Marengo returns to be a cultural crossroads.