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In Marengo opened the European School of Napoleonic Reenactors

“A major part dedicated to the school with officers and NCOs and a part for napoleonic literary aspects” sums up Andrea Puleo the meeting of 27 may in Marengo, with the Provincial Councillor Maurizio Sciaudone, Lorenzo Bernini, Gina Pozzi and Lorenzetti of the 59^ Demi Brigade, Roberto Trucchi, Roberto Brustia of the 27^ Divisione Militare and Simona Papé with Efrem Bovo from UJCE.

Probably, along with the planning documents and meetings, it will come to a great event for the European School of Napoleonic Reenactors at the beginning of may 2022 in Marengo.

“We have an antique military technology class and another one connected to culture and diplomacy in Marengo, that is more and more an international meeting point” declares Efrem Bovo – UJCE.

On May 26, on the day of preparatory works of school, there have also been the speeches of the City councilor Cherima Fteita and the Mayor of Pozzolo Formigaro, Domenico Miloscio.

Puleo: “We are facing a project never done anywhere else in Europe. Another basic dynamic in the literary and action section will be the expression of creativity, courage and hard word expressed by the female world at that time”.