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The artists of wood on the plane tree of Marengo (video)

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When the storm of early August of this incredible 2020 manifested itself among the branches of the Park of Marengo never again would we never thought we had see a century-old plane tree on the ground.

Yet it happened because those plants, which resisted the cannon shots of the French imperial army and the Austrians, were taken by the crown and knocked down by a wind that “swept” at more than 100km/h. A disaster of uprooted plants in the city of Alessandria, and a number in the park adjacent to Villa Delavo.

And what about the wood of the “fraschetta”? The idea to the head of the Provincial Heritage, Maurizio Sciaudone, who immediately said: what if I call carpenters who brings out images from these woods that have been deprived of their green vitality?

That’s it! The car got started with the Union of European Journalists and Communicators and here are the first participants in the video.