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The wind blows and the «sand» of Altare becomes a dream

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Until the end of november this year, we hope to be able to visit Altare (Savona), where there is the exhibition of Glass Art organized by the Institute for the Study of Glass, sponsored by the Liguria Region, as an italian retrospective dedicated to the 30-year career of Giuse Maggi, who in 1987 moved to the Middle East, and hence the title : « The flying carpet. Trapping light to fly ».

The Museum of Art thus continues its activity of protection and enhancement of the contemporaneity of those transparencies, that will be more and more fashionable in the face of the environmental movement that it takes all “plastic free”.

«It’s the tenth anniversary of Altare Vetro Arte” explains Eng. Carlo Saggini, “and we are on the 320th anniversary of the birth of the master Bernardo Perotto, who made the excellence of Glassworks Royal of Orleans, having invented the casting of the slab for the realization of mirrors and large windows».

You feel the emotion and passion of those who have dedicated so many years to the management of the Museum and is at Altare, for the sake of his wife and of a “blown art” with many analogies with ceramics, perhaps more known to us laymen.

Well, the blown glass of Murano has its Ligurian competitor: Altare. « For the fair of San Martino are still lit the furnaces, that once went on all winter and ceased in summer. With the summer season it was necessary to make wood and to recover quartz and sands. It’s always the Eng. Saggini who tells us, but we imagine that he also explains to about seven thousand visitors, especially in summer, who frequent these high lands on the border with Piedmont, where Napoleon at dawn on 12 april 1796, moved his General Staff Headquarters and followed the famous Battle of Montenotte.