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From Marengo to Merano the history of Napoleon made Italy, South Tyrol and Austria

In the Palais Mamming Museum, in addition to the collection of the Civic Museum of Merano, we can see the funeral mask of Napoleon. But the winner who defeated Von Melas at Marengo in 1800 went to the Dolomites to stop the Austrians?

In 1809, Francis I of the Habsburgs sought alliances with Prussia and Russia, but Napoleon’s army overwhelmed the Austrians, entering Bavaria and going to Vienna, proclaiming the end of the dynasty.

On 4 May the Imperial Family fled the capital, invaded by the French on 12 May.

At that time Tyrol and Trentino took up arms under the leadership of Andreas Hofer in support of the Austrian army and against the Franco-Bavarian armies. The revolt lost any chance of lasting success with the signing of the Treaty of Vienna on 14 October 1809, by which Austria once again renounced Tyrol and Trentino.

Andreas Hofer was arrested and sent to a war tribunal in the fortress of Mantua where he was tried, sentenced to death and shot on 20 February 1810.

Three weeks later, Napoleon married Marie Louise, the daughter of Emperor Francis I of Austria. In exchange for Tyrol, Austria obtained the region of Salzburg and the sacrifice of Andreas Hofer remained an isolated heroic gesture.

Andreas Hofer