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Trump has granted peace between Kosovo and Serbia

A great news confirmed by ANSA that illustrates how Serbian President Vucic and Kosovo Prime Minister Thaci signed an agreement at the White House in the presence of US President Donald Trump on the normalization of economic relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

This is great news to lay a foundation stone in order to improve relations between the two countries that in recent years have been very conflictual, and where in my opinion also the mediation and negotiation of Europe has been quite ineffective.

Above all, controversies that originate from the ethnic problem up to that of territorial demarcation for the redefinition of borders. I would like to mention in this connection the speech made by Slobodan Milosevic in Pristina in 1987, where he declared himself the defender of his fellow countrymen in Kosovo. I would like to draw attention to the continuing presence of latent wars that risk exploding at any moment as we have witnessed the resurgence of tension between Serbia and Kosovo. The situation in Kosovo was very different from the other Federal Republics that formed Yugoslavia and became states, as Kosovo was an integral part of Serbia but populated mainly by Albanians and Muslims.

In 1999 during the war in Kosovo between Serbs and Kosovars, the NATO army intervened by bombing Belgrade. Kosovo separated from Serbia by proclaiming its independence in 2008, recognized by the USA and the European Union, but did not reach a definitive agreement with the government of Belgrade. And Belgrade, in addition to still considering Kosovo as a territory, continues not to recognize Pristina as the capital of Kosovo and the ethnic minorities continue to be a difficult problem.

I think that the signing of these bilateral agreements between Serbia and Kosovo is an important success of the Trump Administration, in its ambitious plan to achieving international successes, especially in view of the US Presidency elections in November this year.