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Philippe Daverio has left us. His style will not abandon us

We would have liked to hear his words dedicated to Marengo and Napoleon and instead a very bad enemy took from us the precious presence of a man who knew how to direct our eyes to beauty. Last night Philippe Daverio left us after fighting a disease, a war for which no Desaix was able to rescue him.

The whole community of Marengo and the Mayor of Alessandria is deeply saddened because that curly gentleman with the tie and the look of a professor, but the polite way of being of a great orator, gave style and spirit to ancient objects, past stories, unexpected revelations.

He was a Frenchman who moved to Milan for his studies, had inaugurated many galleries in Milan and New York and had directed “Art and Dossier”. Host of many television broadcasts, we met him recently in television with the services of “Striscia la Notizia”, where he appeared heavily thin.

Former director of the Duomo Museum in Milan and member of the Scientific Committee of the Pinacoteca di Brera, IULM professor, Knight of Arts and Letters, was a Gold Medal of merit of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and awarded the Legion d’Honneur by the President of France.

A unique character of great class.

“It’s with great sadness that I talk about the death of Prof. Daverio. In recent months we have hoped for his recovery to have him with us in Alessandria to complete the appointment, already missed for health problems, on June 14 at the Commemoration Virtuelle – Battle of Marengo”.  Speaks Cherima Fteita, Assessor of Events of the city of Alessandria, who, shaken by the news, joins us with one of his thoughts: “He wanted to be there, he wanted to talk to us about Napoleon and the book he was finishing for the bicentenary of the death of the Emperor. We are honored that he considered Marengo as a stage of his cultural appointments. We expected him… We will miss him, so much”.