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To the Pyramid of Marengo soldiers and wise

Soldiers of the 59éme Demi Brigade d’Infanterie de Ligne, of the Montichiari Historical Group and the I° Leggero, and the experts of the Pegaso and Mercatorum Universities met in Marengo, welcomed by the notes of the violinist Giacomo Lucato on the score of the Marseillaise composed by the composer Giovanni Battista Viotti from Vercelli.

The event “Soldiers and Wise Men”, organized by the Union of European Journalists and Communicators on Saturday, July 18, was able to count on the presence of the institutions such as the President of the City Council Emanuele Locci, the Councillor for Events Cherima Fteita and the Chief Executive Officer of the Province Maurizio Sciaudone, with the delivery of certificates to various groups of re-enactors and to people like Gianlorenzo Bernini and Gina Mangiacotti, who were also awarded with the silver medal commemorating the 220 years of the Battle of Marengo.

It was followed by a quick and contained re-enactment along the Fontanone (battle theatre in 1800) adjacent to the Pyramid, symbol of the Egyptian Campaign fought in July 1798.

 The Pyramid depicting the infinite and the bond between heaven and earth, represents one of the most fascinating works created by human ingenuity, which in the egyptian case were studied by the “Savants”, brought by Napoleon to Egypt, giving rise to the discipline of Egyptology.

Thanks to this cultural correlation, the educational opportunities offered by the telematic universities Pegaso and Universitas Mercatorum, present at the Cultural Centre of Marengo, were highlighted with the participation of the administrators Barbara Pagella and Simona Papé.