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The Convention of Alessandria

During the afternoon of June 14 2020, a talk- attended via video link by the Mayor of Austerlitz and by Vice-President of the Italy-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce Michele Villani- was held at the prestigious Cuttica Palace and was attended by Regional Councilor of Piedmont Vittoria Poggio and by Provincial President Gianfranco Baldi, with a video message by Regional President of Piedmont Alberto Cirio. The talk was hosted by the Mayor of Alessandria, Gianfranco Cuttica and by City Councillor Cherima Fteita.

Professor Alessandra Necci’s contribution was exceedingly interesting, with a thought-provoking online lesson which also dealt with the topic of the presence of Napoleon’s sisters in Italy. Doctor Nicola Cosentino- a reenactor who plays Napoleon’s medical officer, Dominique-Jean Larrey- also attended via video link from Bologna; Dr. Cosentino illustrated some of the medical techniques dating back to the Napoleonic era, showing a number of surgical instruments which were employed in battlefield medicine.

To conclude, the reenactment of the signing of the Convention of Alessandria- which marked the end of the conflict and of the hostilities between the French and Austrian armies on June 15 1800- took place against the striking and prestigious backdrop of the Napoleonic hall at Cuttica Palace. Thus, an event aimed at celebrating the desire for peace symbolized by the Convention, thanks to the exhortation excerpted from a letter written by Napoleon and read aloud by Andrea Puleo (who played French General Berthier) and a performance by the well-known American Napoleon, reenactor Mark Schneider. The day ended with the handing out of a number of medals crafted in solid silver by the For.AL of Valenza.

(Translation by UJCE)