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Commémoration Virtuelle – Press Release

Today For.Al (a network of local training agencies) have handed out two silver medals to celebrate the 220th anniversary of the Battle of Marengo to City Councilor for Events and Digitalization Cherima Fteita Ferial, to be handed out in turn to Generals Von Melas and Berthier. Directors of For.Al Patrizia Melanti and Veronica Porro have made important statements: “In keeping with the finest goldsmithing tradition of Valenza, we have decided to treasure local history, as history can enhance our local territory, while the art of goldsmithing can embellish it”. Two important guests have also attended the celebrations on Monday, June 15: Marco Pupilio, in charge of the Napoleonic Museum of Rome, and Veronica Geraci, in charge of the press office of the Museum of Cinema of Turin, who will discuss the responsibilities of communication as a means to foster cultural cohesion. As highlighted by Councilor Fteita, “the event has been generating widespread interest in the world of culture. Marengo is a name that knows no bounds”.

All online talks will be available in live streaming at the following links:

Facebook – École Marengo

Youtube – École Marengo Moniteur

Melanti – Fteita – Porro

(Translation by UJCE)