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The Volunteers of Marengo

Marengo will host a 20 hour basic training course for the new Volunteers of Culture. The training program can be followed by an advanced course taught by experienced educators and consultants, whose area of expertise is not only history, but any field necessary for the maintenance of the site of Marengo, for a total of 60 hours. It will therefore be possible to come together and learn on-line: thus, Marengo as a Virtual Educational Village, thanks to online platforms and through effective use of technology.

Nowadays, choosing to become a Volunteer of Culture entails valuing local identity, an aspect which can potentially have a positive impact on experiential travel. The contemporary tourist increasingly seeks the kind of travel experience in which unique aspects of local culture constitute the chief attraction. This involves providing a connection with local culture, history, characteristics and unique features, as well as the willingness of locals to convey their sense of belonging to their land, thus contributing to creating a truly unforgettable and unique experience.

(Translation by UJCE)