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Michelin tires and Euromaster whole-heartedly support Italy during the Covid emergency

Michelin Italia and Euromaster have decided to extend the initiative to support emergency vehicles of the Italian Red Cross, ASL (Translator’s note: local health centers), ANPAS (National Association of Public Assistance) and Confederazione delle Misericordie d’Italia (t.n. Italian National Confederation of Mercy). Thanks to these three important institutions, the initiative, which involves tire replacement and repairs for ambulances in the event of punctures or other damages free of charge, will support about 90% of medical transport in our country, so as to ensure the mobility of emergency vehicles.

In order to benefit from this service offered by the network of specialized Euromaster repair shops, call 0200664521 to contact Euromaster customer service or send an email to

Euromaster staff will provide you with directions in order to contact your nearest Euromaster center.

(Translation by UJCE)