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Michelin and Euromaster stand by the Italian Red Cross and Italian health centers (ASL) – Press release

Michelin Italia and Euromaster have decided to show their support to the Italian Red Cross and ASL (Translator’s note: local health centers), which provide medical assistance to those who suffer from Covid-19, thus playing an important role in the battle to treat Italian citizens. The initiative will be implemented throughout the national territory in order to actively contribute to ensuring continuity of this essential service. Starting from April 1, emergency vehicles of mobile units used by the Red Cross as well as other national health centers will be able to benefit from the services of Euromaster shops for tire replacement and repairs in the event of punctures or other damages, free of charge.

The initiative will last for the whole month of April and is not the only one launched by Michelin: a complementary initiative involves the Red Crosses of Alessandria, Cuneo, Milan and Turin, where Michelin’s factories and commercial offices are located. During the last week of March, after assessing the levels of tire wear of the emergency vehicles of mobile units used by Italian Red Cross workers of these four cities, Michelin has promptly provided the tires necessary to ensure continuity of service and the safe circulation of vehicles, free of charge.

“In these difficult times for the population and especially for healthcare workers who are doing their best to provide medical assistance to citizens, it is fundamental for medical equipment and supplies to be readily available in order to support this enormous effort.”, declares Simone Miatton, President of Michelin Italia: “I would like to thank our affiliates who have decided to take part in our initiative with great enthusiasm”. Our network of professionals currently includes 217 stores operating across the country. Euromaster affiliates will contact the Italian Red Cross as well as local health centers in order to present our initiative, which is aimed at supporting the efforts of healthcare workers locally. Given the evolving situation, we will evaluate the possibility of extending the initiative for a further period of time” declares Cristiano Olivero, CEO of Euromaster Italia.

(Translation by UJCE)