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Italian inventiveness during the emergency: from diving masks to C-Pap masks

An object for the holidays available for 25 euros is now being turned into an innovative life-saving tool.

A new use for snorkeling masks designed by Decathlon and modified by a company in Como in order to face the health crisis which has recently affected our country is becoming increasingly popular on social media.

This is where Italian inventiveness can provide innovative solutions through objects fished out of closets and attics, which just seven months ago were being used to admire the underwater wonders of seas and lakes.

This is where technology and sheer resourcefulness can provide a valuable aid in facing the Covid-19 emergency- which is currently causing severe problems for hospitals all over the country- thanks to an innovative system to provide relief for thousands of patients who are currently on ventilators, while also compensating for the current shortage of medical equipment.

And after resourcefulness comes solidarity: in March snorkeling masks given as Christmas or birthday gifts by family and friends will be collected, but this time round they will not be used to admire the wonders of sandy ocean floors and beautiful reefs, but to serve a higher purpose: a simple mask originally designed for leisure activities will provide an invaluable aid in saving human lives.

During the last few days even Decathlon, through a post on their official Facebook page, have shown their willingness to collaborate in order to effectively turn their EASYBREATH mask into a medical C-Pap mask for sub-intensive care units.

Here is the content of the post which appeared today on Decathlon’s social media account:

During the last few days news have been circulating online regarding the possibility of converting our EASYBREATH mask into a tool to provide medical assistance, given the shortage of certified devices during the Covid-19 emergency. We would like to reiterate, as creators, manufacturers as well as sellers, that this mask was originally conceived for the purpose of snorkeling and therefore we recommend users not to modify it on their own initiative, as the airflow may be altered in the process.

Nevertheless, considering the unprecedented situation which we are currently experiencing, our team of engineers have shown their willingness to collaborate with the most accredited research centers, whose aim is to validate the possibility of adapting the mask while reducing any collateral risks. Specifically, upon request from the Region of Lombardy, we are collaborating with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Milan by providing them with designs and technical specifications of our product. We thus strive to make a positive contribution.

It is time to foster personal responsibility as well as collective confidence during the difficult situation humanity is currently facing.

(Translation by UJCE)