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Solidarity, resilience and hope: the key to seeing through the pandemic

The unprecedented situation created by the rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the whole world reminds us about the fact that global threats know no bounds. Some of the most rapid-spreading and worrisome outbreaks of registered cases have affected a number of Euro-Mediterranean countries. COVID-19 is caused by a virus which is atypical in more than one way and striving to understand it more thoroughly is essential in order to dispel fear and encourage proactivity. Nevertheless, the collective response has proved that our citizens possess key abilities which are more important than ever: resilience and solidarity.

Through this statement, the Union for the Mediterranean wishes to convey that our thoughts go to the citizens of the Euro-Mediterranean area, as our global family has been deeply affected by the escalation and spread of this pandemic, leading to an unprecedented situation in our lives. Their wellbeing is our primary concern.

Thus, we join in the round of applause of the millions and thousands who have leaned out from their balconies and windows throughout the region and the whole world. We want to express our gratitude and admiration for health workers, who are in the front lines, as well as those who ensure continuity of vital services. Through their altruism, bravery and tenacity they have helped us all fight the effects of Coronavirus at the risk of their lives.

Members of the UfM staff are working remotely. At the same time, we want to stress the importance of following WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines and wish to show our unwavering support to health authorities in the battle against this illness. The Ufm Secretary has adopted measures in compliance with official guidelines in order to limit or postpone certain activities, but our team has been actively working in order to achieve excellent results from the safety of their homes. We are determined, attentive and active, so that after overcoming this virus, our aim will be to offer our support by fostering communication at a regional level and encouraging cooperation initiatives, thus contributing to the relaunch of our economy and of the industries and sectors most affected by the pandemic.

Therefore, UfM wish to reaffirm their commitment to finding shared solutions to the emerging challenges presented to us, not only as far as healthcare is concerned, but also as regards civil protection, job creation, business development etc. Under these exceptional circumstances, having positive resolutions- as well as having a clear vision as we focus our efforts on two fundamental pillars of action: human and sustainable development- can prove to be essential.

Thus, we intend to stand by our citizens and the whole world in these difficult times. We wish a quick recovery to all infected and we are confident that together we will be able to overcome this challenge once and for all.

(Translation by UJCE)