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General Riccardo Galletta at the Marengo Cultural Centre

The General of the Corps Riccardo Galletta (former Deputy Commander General – Arma dei Carabinieri) was greeted at the Marengo museum by Councillor Enrico Bussalino (Piedmont Region) and Councillor Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate to the Polo di Marengo – Province of Alexandria). General Galletta is the author of publications on the military history and the strategies and tactics of the Napoleonic maneuver and, therefore, was seduced by the narrative on the battle of Marengo reported by Dr Alberto Giambelli opposite the plastic.
The tour to the 18 museum halls of Villa Delavo was led by hostess Giulia Gallina (Union European Journalists and Communicators – Ujce) and Simonetta Marcialis (institutional PR Ujce)General Galletta was attracted by the choice of Napoleonic relics and relics transferred from the National Historical Museum of Artillery (Turin). The examination of authentic certificates protected by the case installed in the foyer (auditorium Marengo) to exhibit the private collection held by Curator Efrem Bovo (Marengo Complex) was the epilogue embellished by the gift of books and the thesis “This museum is animated by the dedication of qualified operators and can grow also driven by the sensitivity of stakeholders” exposed by the renowned visitor.