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Marengo, yesterday and today

”Delavo’s incredible passion flows through time: the investment resists Marengo”: the opinion of Federica Burbatti is also suitable to clarify the agenda stimulated to the cultural pole of Marengo. The journalist Rai was at the Marengo museum together with the cameraman Guido Cravero to illustrate the saga of Napoleon grown on Alexandrian soil and transmitted by the villa promoted by the patron Giovanni Antonio Delavo to exhibit the private collection of Napoleonic memorabilia. The historiographical dissertation narrated by Dr. Alberto Giambelli then slipped on the ideas activated since 2020 by the Union of European Journalists and Communicators (Ujce) to update the history and induce the community to reproduce the practices to improve the milieu on our vast area. The rose of events is aimed at uniting the intelligences to also promote cultural tourism, economic and social structure, eco-sustainability. The tour was enriched by the sequence of relics kept by the case installed in the foyer (auditorium Marengo): the personal collection kept by the Curator Efrem Bovo is extended to the commemorative medals donated by President Gerard Mongin (Cercle Napoleon), to the report on the Battle of Marengo compiled by the French General Louis Alexandre Berthier and scanned in front of the cameraman, to the original eight-page sheet ”Gazette de Marengo”, already released on Friday, February 9, 1810 and today reformed to communicate the dynamism expressed at the international cultural center and, thus, promote beauty.