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Mongin in Marengo: the collaboration continues

The visit of Gerard Mongin (President of Cercle Napoleon) to the Villa Delavo was enriched by the epilogue aimed at rewarding loyalty: the membership card for the current year to the curator Efrem Bovo (Marengo complex) already honorary since 2023 and two medals today protected by the case introduced at the foyer (auditorium Marengo) to display the private collection of memorabilia and historical certificates kept by the Curator. ”Bonaparte premier consul de la République Française”: the words sorround Napoleon’s face and the inscription “Bataille de Marengo – Le 25 et 26 Prairial An 8” supports the miniature carved on the front to celebrate the French triumph.

Cercle Napoleon (Prince Pierre Murat is the honorary president) has been operating since 2020 on French soil along with thousands of followers to convey the grandiose story of Napoleon and contemporary heroes who emerged on local and world soil. The target is pursued by the scheduling of meetings related to the Napoleonic era, by the adherence to the educational offer for the school, by the union of symbolic sites of Napoleonic memory as well as by the palmares: the daily post to 22600 users on the Facebook profile, the weekly email to 1500 subscribers, the free application ”Napoléon Paris”, downloaded 3 thousand times on the smartphone, 19 conferences set up since 2023, the stand set up to celebrate the journey of Bonaparte from Elba to Golfe Juan, the mass sung on the last anniversary of Napoleon’s death.