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Napoleon’s and Giulia Angelica Malvicini pen

”Night before the Battle” by Giulia Angelica Malvicini is the most awarded work at the literary challenge “Napoleon’s pen” (first edition): the jury chaired by the lawyer Massimo Taggiasco (director AL24) attended the awards ceremony held yesterday at the Marengo auditorium. The student graduated from the classical high school ”Umberto Eco” in Alexandria and today enrolled in the university ”Amedeo Avogadro” rose to the apogee on the podium invaded also by the writers Anna Delfino Rossino (second place), Andrea Maria Cavazza and Noemi Sonia Destefanis (parity at third position).
“The abundance of minutiae profuse to unite the narration to the protagonists – was the voice of Rita Balistreri – enhances the historical research emerged from the writings written by young authors rivals to literary competition”.
“The race built on the challenging theme – is the assertion of Bruno Volpi – leads to give praise to competitors”.

Each winner was honored by the feather united to the thin tool to write by hand that is, pour the ink on the sheet of paper to eternalize the emotions, from the parchment and the anthology (Sisyphus editions) conferred
by the author Simonetta Gorsegno, by the newly elected councillor Silvia Raiteri (Piedmont Region), by the vice-president Luigi Sfienti (Social and Health Policy Commission – Municipality of Alexandria) together with the Ujce (Union Journalists and European communicators) staff.

It was 1803 and the First Consul, eager to increase the space dedicated to the transport of literary works, ordered the craftsman Antoine Alexandre Barbieri to build the transferable library of a thousand books to transport the favorite works in the military campaigns. Napoleon liked to read and, thus, he had equipped the catalogue cases to extract short books on science, religion, philosophy and other subjects.
”Culture – was added by the curator Efrem Bovo (Marengo Complex) – moves the agenda set up on the Napoleonic site. Peace is born from friendship and grows in Marengo”.
The crowd of parents, friends, teachers was also seduced by the sublime voices of Tomoko Okabe (soprano) and Filippo Polinelli (baritone). The art duo led by Maestro Umberto Battegazzore on the piano took part on stage to interpret the evocative arias appreciated by the composer Giacomo Puccini (Lucca, 22 November 1858 – Bruxelles, 29 November 1924), extracted from the French opera repertoire and wrapped in the chosen literary works. ”The fine union of writing and music – is the voice of Battegazzore – seduces the heart”.
”Modern Europe – here is the kiosk reported by Councillor Domenico Miloscio (Province of Alexandria) – has blossomed from the French triumph recorded in Marengo”.