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Lead soldiers in Novi to miniate grandeur of Napoleon

Joubert, Melas, Suvorov: the apex consecrated to the three Generals inserts the battle of Novi (15 August 1799) to the top without circumventing the title chosen for the exhibition ” the Napoleonic epic’. The crowd of visitors gathered at the expo of a hundred hand-painted lead figurines set up at the Historical Society of Novese was seduced by the miniature dedicated to the King of Rome alias the newborn heir of Maria Luisa of Habsburg-Lorraine and Napoleon I of France pampered by the captain Jean-Roch Coignet.
”The scenography – so it was guaranteed by the councillor Lucio Piazza – also exalts the Cisalpine hussar Ugo Foscolo, Josephine de Beauharnais crowned by his spouse Napoleon then sitting on the saddle close to the Arab horse Marengo or wrapped by the uniform worn at Waterloo’.
”Childhood passion – was added by painter Luciano Carturan – has grown to merge historical research to the model. Today the most performing resin diminishes the alloy of lead, tin and antimony but the dedication to create the soldier is meticulous: the joining of pieces, grouting, filing, painting. Drying of acrylic paint faster than enamel and oil paints hinders the shading: the sequence of successive layers is indispensable (light tints for the lightening and dark tones to enhance the internal folds)”.
The exhibition is framed by the human dimension given to the sketches drawn in tempera by the goldsmith Mauro Fontana to depict the liveries (3 Austrians, 3 Russians, 3 French, 6 Imperial) worn by the militias plunged on the battlefield to the Napoleonic saga.

“The statutory dictate – it was asserted by the secretary Francesco Bianchi – promotes the protection for the historical and artistic heritage of Oltregiogo Genovese: the museum of antiquities, documents, works of art set up at the headquarters of the family home (73, Gramsci street) transmits Novi’s culture. The thousand of books archived at the library dedicated to the memory of Marina Delle Piane Lama is open to reading and all. The magazine Novinostra (20 thousand pages signed by the inspiration of 400 authors) is the synthesis of energy spread from birth (June 7, 1960) by the society of history of the country today awarded by the honorary president Gian Marino Delle Piane descendant of Mariano the industrialist philanthropist celebrated in Novi by the toponymy”.