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The shipowner Eugenio Tuillier to the cultural pole of Marengo

The elite tourism continues at the Marengo museum: the Swiss owner Eugenio Tuillier, followed by his wife Giuliana, was seduced by the choice of Napoleonic relics and other relics transferred from the National Historical Museum of Artillery (Turin) exhibited by the first collection created in the world. The couple, welcomed by the curator Efrem Bovo (Marengo Complex), by the councillor Maurizio Sciaudone (delegate for the Polo di Marengo – Provincia di Alessandria), Simonetta Marcialis (institutional PR Union of Journalists and European communicators – Ujce) was conducted to the museum by the tourist guide Giulia Gallina (Ujce).

Villa Delavo was appreciated by the spouses also admired by the slew of graceful decorations painted on the vault of the rooms. The tour offered to guests accompanied by chef Roberto Barisone (Italy Gourmet) was enriched by the solemnity prepared by the team of re-enactor “59 Demi Brigade d’Infanterie de Ligne” established at the cultural center of Marengo to honor the memorial dedicated to the mighty men of Marengo and the statue of Napoleon Primo Cònsole.

The activity set up by Ujce to convey the epic story and urge the community to reproduce the virtuous practices was clarified to the guests entertained at the foyer and auditorium. the epilogue graced by the gift of books has been pleasant to the two visitors united to the company founded from the shipowner Sebastiano Tuillier (1910 – 1982) at the age of 23 years and then defined by the service guaranteed to the Italian Navy to supply the troops installed on the soil of Albania in the last world war as well as by the fleet of 29 ships (1971).