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Collectors gathered in Marengo

The 224 anniversary for the Convention of Alexandria (15 June 1800) alias the peace treaty that resulted from the triumph of Napoleon over the Austrian rival forced to regress east over the river Mincio will be celebrated Sunday, June 16, 2024 at 17 at the cultural center of Marengo from the Coffee collectors. The meeting to expose the best ideas to create the exhibition-barter on the Napoleonic site of Alessandria was born from the saga of Bonaparte also perpetuated by objects appreciated by connoisseurs of all walks of life. The collection is extended to the jewels, dresses and figurines of Napoleonic officers and ‘savants’ exhibited (2020, 2022) at Villa Delavo. The three-dimensional miniature extracted from fine collectibles enhances the enchanting finishes of uniforms (headgear, gloves, boots) and harnesses of horses to give depth to the brave leaders. The meeting will be framed by the evocative picture of military life staged at Desaix Park by the re-enactor pool 59 Demi Brigade d’Infanterie de Ligne established at the cultural center of Marengo.
The event organized by the Union of European Journalists and Communicators (Ujce) together with the association Artesuoni and the European School for Napoleonic Re-enactors (Sern) is sponsored by the Province of Alessandria.