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Ancient Marengo together with the Lombards

On Saturday, June 1st, the Middle Ages will flourish at the cultural center of Marengo to narrate the thousand-year arc flowing on the soil of Fraschéta, which was invaded by the Napoleonic saga three centuries later. Peace grew here in Marengo: the understanding three peoples settled on the area since the VIII century joined the Lombards defined as pagans and barbarians and the Carolingian Franks linked to the Papacy the matriarchal society of figures defined by the typicality (brown skin, robust body, low stature) of Marici herders (here echoes the assonance to ”mandrogni”) of cattle there deported by the ancient Romans.
The man is inclined to know to cohabit and, thus, to deny the duality ”civil – uncivil” today, which has arisen from the communication falsified by the mass media circle. The talk on Frida’s journey to unveil the origin to the beautiful lands of Fraschéta and save the stones from oblivion will start at 16 at the auditorium to transmit the witness and, thus, unite the ancient and modern ages of Marengo etched by history. The novel by Barbara Ferrari is enriched by the historical liaison already by the German name buttoned to the protagonist Frida. The lush land of Fraschéta defined by the royal court of Lombardy is the field of belligerence for the shrewd and lively heroine immune to the cliché and the fight to protect the emancipation of women then annulled by monasticism and the people of origin by spiritual leadership and temporal.

The tower dedicated to Queen Teodolinda is joined to the curtis Marinco, that is the agricultural company established to program the rural area to the age defined by the vassallage parallel to the turnover of Goti and Lombards: the oldest observatory of Lombard and Carolingian times built on the Alexandrian plateau lying east beyond the river Bormida resists from the seventh century and will be the location for the historical re-enactment set up by the team Fara di Belmonte.
The Desaix park will be full of jesters and puppets, musicians and storytellers, weavers and cooks, tools and ancient methods adopted by craftsmen to repair the weapons to the brave warriors enrolled in the historical associations Folet dla Marga and Guild of the White Raven. The already denied legend on the nail extracted from the True Cross and joined to the Iron Crown exalts the appeal for the relic kept in the cathedral of Monza and chosen to bless several Lombard kings and the emperor Napoleon consecrated King of Italy (May 26, 1805): guided visit to the Napoleonic Museum of Villa Delavo is permitted.
The street food corner of local products (wine, truffles, honey, drinks, gastronomy, ice cream, cakes, flour) will be the delight of any palate.
The event organized by the Union of European Journalists and Communicators (Ujce), Between heart and mind and Lisondria Ades is sponsored by the Province of Alessandria and supported by the Alessandria and Asti Volunteer Service Center and the City of Alessandria.