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Peace spread by the Scuderia Motorizzata of Marengo

Sunday, May 19 the parade of 100 bikers gathered at the motoclub ”State Police – delegation of Asti” will be at the villa Delavo (start and finish line) to propagate peace on the roads of history. The Scuderia Motorizzata of Marengo will unite Pozzolo, Basaluzzo, Bosco. Each stage was lapped by the battle of Novi (15 August 1799) fought by the Napoleonic militia and defined by the bulletin of 12 thousand victims and the French débâcle. The Austro-Russian base coordinated by General Aleksandr Suvorov was set up at Pozzolo Castle. The memorial stele erected in Sant’Antonio di Basaluzzo evokes the French General Barthélemy Catherine Joubert who fell there. The monumental sixteenth-century church of Santa Croce a Bosco was also the hospice for French soldiers returned from the fire out of arms.
Affinity combines the biker tour with Napoleon’s mad sleigh escape from Slesia to Paris (December 1812): the route to repatriate from Russia and administer the military débâcle was shared and noted by General Armand Augustin Louis de Caulaincourt, already director at the Imperial Post Office and decisive to reduce the flow of news destined for France, guarantee the Emperor the defense and rapid escape and also the postal mail. Caulaincourt’s authority is supported by the list of titles: Duke of Vicenza, aide-de-camp to the French Emperor, Grand Squire of Napoleon, ambassador to the Tsarist court, Minister of Foreign Affairs from the Battle of Leipzig (19 October 1813) to his abdication (6 April 1814) by Napoleon and the Hundred Days. The daring journey punctuated by the inexorable chronometer and steeped in snow descended on the desolate lands, astonishment opposite the strategist at the post office, lost coincidences on the sled damaged to the skates, irruption of external and internal enemies, Night clandestine assemblies and shared furs succeeded to the leader who had just returned from the painful debacle, but saturated with fighting spirit.