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International trade with at Marengo

Yesterday, on July 25, those who attended the course in International Trade- organized by training agency “Testa” of For.Al Alessandria under the patronage of Alessandria’s Chamber of Commerce- were awarded with certificates during a ceremony which took place against the stunning backdrop of the park of Marengo. The ceremony was hosted by Efrem Bovo and attended by several local authorities, including Councilor Maurizio Sciaudone (Provincial Heritage of Alessandria), City Councilors Silvia Straneo (Educational and Scholastic services and Public Education), Mattia Roggero (Trade and Tourism), Cherima Fteita (Youth Policies and Events) and President of the examination committee and Official of the Region of Piedmont Tatiana Bruciamacchie. Director of the agencies of Alessandria and Casale Monferrato Patrizia Melanti and President Enrica Bosio did the honors on behalf of For.Al; Director Patrizia Melanti thanked the municipal government for the support provided to the activities of the training agency and praised the personnel and teaching staff for their collective effort, while President Enrica Bosio highlighted how the course in International Trade “was created years ago by the sweat of our brow, which makes us particularly proud in that it has enabled us to work in partnership with all local actors: indeed, For.Al and our territory form an indissoluble whole”. During his talk, Bosio also conveyed her greetings on behalf of General Director Veronica Porro. Local authorities expressed their praise and admiration for For.Al’s efforts (Cherima Fteita once again thanked For.Al for the two silver medals crafted in order to celebrate the anniversary of the Battle of Marengo), while Tatiana Bruciamacchie pronounced herself satisfied with the level of knowledge shown by the eleven students during the exam. Four of them- Lucia Ameri, Giulia Antonietta Aretusi, Laura Rivera and Chiara Schmitt- have achieved full marks, followed by their classmates, Giada Caboni, Clara Gallo, Andrea Gandini, Elena Guaschino, Pamela Merlin, Marco Merlone and Alex Raimondi. Massimiliano Rolando, Didactic Coordinator for For.Al Alessandria, was also particularly pleased and pointed out how Covid has represented a challenge for all, resulting in a new way of working (involving distance learning and online meetings), which the agency had already tested in the past: it is especially thanks to the resilience of For.Al staff that it was all the easier to face the challenges presented by this new method as opposed to traditional ways of teaching. “Having to deal with distance learning did not stop the students who had enrolled in the course; they continued along their educational path with great diligence, sense of responsibility and spirit of cooperation” comments Patrizia Melanti, Director of “Testa” training agency of Alessandria, “and students have demonstrated their knowledge during the exam, which enabled them to achieve excellent results, and I believe that this will be an excellent starting point for them.”

(Translation by UJCE)