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Soldiers and wreaths

During the morning of June 14, the reenactors of the 59ème Demi Brigade, led by Commander Bernini, took part in the 220th commemoration of the Battle of Marengo; the event was attended by the Mayor of Alessandria, Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco, by City Councilor for Events and Digitalization Cherima Fteita and by Provincial Councilor Sciaudone.

The Commémoration Virtuelle thus constituted an opportunity to preserve the memory of a dramatic event as well as an occasion to identify the emerging social, financial as well as environmental “battles” of the future.

Standing in front of the Pyramid of Marengo, the Mayor of Alessandria Gianfranco Cuttica di Revigliasco delivered his opening speech: “We have learned from experience to make a virtue out of necessity. We thus wish to thank those who have provided advanced technological tools in order to give emphasis, set the appropriate tone and provide content for this event (…) in this significant place of great artistic and environmental value, where a historical fact of crucial importance- not only for Alessandria and for Italy, but also for the fate of the whole of Europe- took place”.

In these difficult times, new technologies can indeed provide invaluable aid in preserving the memory of a historical event which was as fundamental as it was dramatic, thus keeping the memory of the Battle- and of the events of the Napoleonic era, which had considerable influence on local history- alive. In this regard, City Councilor for Events and Digitalization Cherima Fteita stated: “The 220th anniversary of the Battle represents a time for rebirth, a chance for redemption; we are here today to say that we will still be here, this year and the following years, in order to stress the paramount importance of an event which today has been held mostly online, in the hope that it will soon be possible to participate in person, although we have already achieved hundreds of views which would not otherwise have been possible”.

The Reenactors, with French General Berthier (played by Andrea Puleo) and Austrian General Von Melas (played by Ivano Zanandrea), laid memorial laurel wreaths with sashes featuring the colors of the flags of Italy, France and of the Austria of the time to commemorate the soldiers who perished during the battle.

(Translation by UJCE)